About the blog

Au Natural Skin demonstrates how easy it is to have healthy skin everyday. From entertaining ways to wash your face to adding interesting ingredients to your daily lotion, this blog explains it all. With dermatologists recommendations and true outrageous stories, Au Natural Skin discloses the “dos and don’ts” for fresh and clear skin.

This blog emphasizes natural beauty by showcasing more homemade creams than cosmetic materials. Whether your skin is sensitive or not, Au Natural Skin provides professional solutions to everyday skin problems through new vocabulary, instructional videos and historical facts.

Ali, the writer of  this blog, is on this journey with you as she tests out products and strives to find an essential cure for all types of skin issues. She encourages individuals to start taking their skin seriously and proactively change their lifestyle.

Express yourself through your own skin and be as the French say ‘au naturel.’


One response to “About the blog

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