Solutions for your dry skin

I know it’s not the middle of summer and your bronzed glow has probably turned into a pale mess, but dry skin is a major problem during these winter months. Let’s change that.

Dryness first occurs when your skin feels rough and begins to look dull and cracked.

For most cases, dry skin can result from your skin lacking moisture. However, keep in mind that too much moisture can cause just as much damage. You have to find your balance.


Here are some tips to help get you through this dry spell:

  • Refrain from those intense soaps and detergents
  • Use indoor room humidifiers
  • Take warm (not hot) showers
  • Make sure to always use a moisturizing body/hand soap
  • Put on a moisturizer after drying off from a shower or washing your hands


Moisturizers are the savers of your skin and can help you get back to your smooth ways. They should be applied during the day and at night or whenever you’re feeling itchy.

Dermatologists and skin care experts have recommended different types of moisturizers to prevent (and stop) dry skin.

There are four basic kinds of body moisturizers.

  • Ointment moisturizers are great for trapping the moisture inside your skin. Just apply it in tiny amounts and rub it all in. But you may have to get over the fact it’s greasy and feels like goopy syrup.
  • Oil moisturizers aren’t always everybody’s favorite, but are still very beneficial. You can put baby oil or bath oil directly onto your body to help eliminate the lack of moisture in your skin.
  • Cream moisturizers usually win in the war against oils. Because they are not oily, these creamy substances disappear quickly after being rubbed into your skin.
  • Lotion moisturizers take the trophy for the leading moisturizer (at least for me). They are the least oily which makes them much more tolerable and pleasurable. Apply it in appropriate amounts and see the results right away.

I promise this isn’t as hard as it looks. I encourage you to take care of your skin, it will make you look and feel more beautiful. It’s time to bring that silky skin back and show it off during these dry, winter months.

Happy moisturizing!



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6 responses to “Solutions for your dry skin

  1. Rachel Usher


    Thanks so much the inspiring tips on skin care 🙂 I get such dry skin in the winter, and I may have some new ways to help keep my skin silky smooth now. I usually have a lotion for my body, and a separate lotion for my face. Question for you – in your experience, what do you recommend for sensitive skin face lotion?

    Thanks! Can’t wait for more blogs 🙂


    • Thanks for the reply, Rachel! With the weather changing at this time of year, it’s often hard to keep up with your own skin. Keeping your skin clean, hydrated and wearing sunscreen are the best tips for the overall health of your skin.
      Having separate lotions for your body and face is definitely a good idea. Regular lotions contain more oils and nutrients which can sometimes over-nourish the skin on your face.
      If you have trouble with your sensitive skin the best thing you can do is find out what exactly irritates your skin (so you know what to avoid).
      However, if you notice your face is getting dry and need of a facial lotion, I recommend Eucerin Facial Moisturizer or Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion. I’m not a fan of the crazy, expensive stuff and I think anything you can get at Walmart, CVS or drugstore is just as beneficial. Make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients and apply in appropriate amounts for quick results.
      I appreciate the thoughts and questions. Keep checking back for more posts!

  2. Leigh

    Ali, tis the season! I have fairly normal skin throughout the year but here are some of my moisturizing tips/products that I use that may work out for other readers!

    -Use a thin coat of Vaseline on your face and lips before going to bed
    -Try Eucerin on hands or any other dry patches that are exposed to cold air. It’s greasy so try to use at night!
    -Wear gloves when outside during the winter as much as possible!

    Love the blog! I’ll check back for new posts!


    • Thanks so much for the suggestions, Leigh! Dry skin can be a tough one to figure out during this winter season. In my own personal experience, I have found Eucerin lotion to be the most helpful and beneficial for my skin. Finding what works for you is the best advice I can give to anyone suffering from dry skin.
      I appreciate the tips and hope you enjoy my blog!

  3. Jennifer

    Thanks for this dry skin tips. This time if year is especially difficult. Is it true that drinking water helps to moisturize your shin too or is that a myth?

    • Ali Lasch

      Thanks for the comment, Jennifer! This time of the year can get a little crazy with all of the weather changes – it’s hard for our skin to keep up.
      However, when it comes to your skin, drinking water does not help that much. There has been no hard evidence to prove that drinking large amounts of water will moisturize your skin.

      Water travels throughout your body to your intestines, bloodstream, kidneys and into your cells. There is no direct relation to drinking water and the effects of your skin.
      But, of course, drinking water helps keep your body at a healthy balance and there are plenty of other ways to moisturize your skin.

      Hope this helped! Keep checking back for more skin care tips!

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