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Foods for your healthy skin diet

You are what you eat. Don’t wait any longer to edit your grocery list and start your healthy skin diet.

Eating like a junk maniac, shoving salty food in your face or licking every sugar crumb off the kitchen table is not the way to go for soft, clear skin.

Experts at Discovery Health say the solutions behind skin care problems are a lot easier than we may think. They explain that changing our daily eating habits can make a huge difference for our body and skin.


Most of us know that having a healthy, balanced diet is probably the best way to obtain a healthier you. However, if you want soft and supple skin, nutritional doctors encourage you to change the types of food you eat.

Here is a list of my 5 favorite foods that can benefit your skin and help get that natural look you’ve been waiting for:

1. Seafood 

Once I got over the peculiar smell some fish seemed to radiate, I understood the importance of the so-called ‘Mediterranean Diet.’ The main nutrients in fish, zinc and omega-3, can benefit your skins’ complexion in many ways.

Taking omega-3 reduces dryness and irritation, while zinc can offer your skin a pleasant glow by getting rid of dead skin during new-cell production.

2. Citrus Fruits

We’ve all been told more than once to increase our intake of vitamin C in our everyday routine. Do it. 

Eating foods like oranges, grapefruits, acerola cherries and tomatoes (which have a lot of vitamin C) freshen your skin and can prevent wrinkles.

Vitamin C decreases inflammation and counterbalances the free radicals that hurt cells and prematurely age your face.

3. Red and Green Vegetables 

You know the food group you tried to avoid as a kid but discovered a new love for it as you got older? Red-orange and green vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes and spinach (some of my favorites) can result in light, smooth skin.

Orange-red vegetables contain beta-carotene that our body turns into vitamin A to avoid cell damage and premature aging (yes–you can try to look young forever).

Also, green, leafy foods have a lot of vitamin A that help your skin get rid of old cells by making new ones.

4. Nuts 

This is the best hassle-free snack known to man (or woman). Nuts hold vitamin E that fights the skin-aging free radicals and helps your skin hold the right amount of moisture to relieve dryness.

5. Whole Grains 

Hold on, ladies. Don’t start cooking every carbohydrate you’ve been craving in the past month for your next meal just yet. You must keep in mind the “whole” part to ensure all of the benefits.

Whole grains are a great source for antioxidant rutin that can help stop irritated skin damage.

Also, wheat germs include the B-vitamin biotin that can decrease your chances of having dry and scaly skin.


To make it simpler, Life Script  skin expert Jennifer Gruenemay suggests making a few changes to your next shopping trip.

Scratch out the unhealthy snacks on your grocery list and add in these easy-to-eat-and-very-essential foods:

  • Avacados
  • Mangoes
  • Almonds
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Cherries
  • Oysters
  • Baked Potatoes
  • Mushrooms

It’s time to mix up your pantry with some new and tasty ingredients.

If you’re craving a snack after work, put the Pringles can aside and grab a delicious yogurt. Or if you need a mid-morning boost before lunch, go treat yourself to some mouthwatering strawberries.

Put your best face forward and switch up your everyday food for the healthy skin you deserve.

Bon Appétit!



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Solutions for your dry skin

I know it’s not the middle of summer and your bronzed glow has probably turned into a pale mess, but dry skin is a major problem during these winter months. Let’s change that.

Dryness first occurs when your skin feels rough and begins to look dull and cracked.

For most cases, dry skin can result from your skin lacking moisture. However, keep in mind that too much moisture can cause just as much damage. You have to find your balance.


Here are some tips to help get you through this dry spell:

  • Refrain from those intense soaps and detergents
  • Use indoor room humidifiers
  • Take warm (not hot) showers
  • Make sure to always use a moisturizing body/hand soap
  • Put on a moisturizer after drying off from a shower or washing your hands


Moisturizers are the savers of your skin and can help you get back to your smooth ways. They should be applied during the day and at night or whenever you’re feeling itchy.

Dermatologists and skin care experts have recommended different types of moisturizers to prevent (and stop) dry skin.

There are four basic kinds of body moisturizers.

  • Ointment moisturizers are great for trapping the moisture inside your skin. Just apply it in tiny amounts and rub it all in. But you may have to get over the fact it’s greasy and feels like goopy syrup.
  • Oil moisturizers aren’t always everybody’s favorite, but are still very beneficial. You can put baby oil or bath oil directly onto your body to help eliminate the lack of moisture in your skin.
  • Cream moisturizers usually win in the war against oils. Because they are not oily, these creamy substances disappear quickly after being rubbed into your skin.
  • Lotion moisturizers take the trophy for the leading moisturizer (at least for me). They are the least oily which makes them much more tolerable and pleasurable. Apply it in appropriate amounts and see the results right away.

I promise this isn’t as hard as it looks. I encourage you to take care of your skin, it will make you look and feel more beautiful. It’s time to bring that silky skin back and show it off during these dry, winter months.

Happy moisturizing!


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